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Bane: A Story about Lade’s Jealousy


August 31, 2021

A jealousy fiction

Lade was so angry seeing Dele with Tade. She was very jealous. She hates Tade. Lade has always loved Dele with all her heart. Dele never loved her, and he has rejected her advances towards him many times. He didn’t like that Lade was too demanding, and she always wanted to be in control. Dele preferred Tade because she was calm, loving, caring, and homely.        

    Dele and Lade grew up together. Their parents were friends, and they wanted to solidify their friendship by getting their children married. When Dele’s parents suggested that he should marry Lade, Dele refused outrightly. He told his parent he doesn’t love Lade. Dele’s parents respected the wishes of their son, and they informed Lade’s parents. Lade’s parents supported the idea of not getting them married since Dele does not love their daughter. They have always wanted their daughter to marry a man who loves and respects her.           

When Lade found out Dele never loved her, she was angry with her parent. She shouted at them for not enforcing her on Dele. She told her parent she has always loved Dele since she was a child. Why did you always call Dele my husband when you know its optional? How do you expect me to stop loving him now? Lade’s parents were confused. They decided to talk to Dele’s parents, but Dele’s parents told them they couldn’t do anything about it, especially when Dele has threatened to leave the house if they mention the union again.           

When Lade discovered her parent could not be of help. She tried using seductive means to win Dele’s love. Instead of Dele loving her, he disliked her and called off their friendship. On this day, when she saw Dele with Tade, she could not hide her anger and jelousy. Her obsession consumed her and she walked up to Tade and gave her a resounding slap,  and she tore Tade’s cloth. Dele and Tade were angry, shocked and embarrassed. Dele used his coat to cover Tade while guiding her into the car. He apologized to Tade till he dropped her off at her house.      

 After that day, Dele despised Lade more. He stopped going to their house, and he avoided her like the plague. Dele’s behavior hurt Lade. Anytime she sees them together, she becomes jealous and enraged. She decided to kill Tade because she was optimistic that if Tade is dead, Dele will be forced to love her. She was obsessed with the thought of marrying him so, she hired an assassin to kill Tade in her house on a particular day. Unfortunately, Dele was in Tade’s place when the killers arrived. The killers decided to kill the two of them to cover their trails.

When Lade got the news, she was devastated and sad. She couldn’t live with the guilt, so she committed suicide, leaving her parent a note.

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