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Day 10: The Journey to Self-discovery

Welcome to day 10! Thank you for coming this far. I’m sure you’ve learnt something. Today may be the last day of the challenge but I believe the journey doesn’t end today. The journey to self-discovery is not a sprint. It takes time and patience.

Day 9: Face Your Fear

Today I want you to face your fear. Fear is man’s greatest enemy. It prevents us from giving our best to anything

Day 8: Turn Your Weakness into Strength

Quite a number of us understand what our weaknesses are. If we do, then we can turn our weakness into strength……..

How to Identify Your Weaknesses

in the journey to self discovery, you have to identify your weaknesses. When we identify them, we can turn them into strengths.

The power of looking inward

The power of looking inward

The most outstanding men are people who have harnessed the power of looking inward. They became self-aware in the process. This post contains some benefits of looking inward, and I have added some looking inward quotes to boost your confidence.

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15 Common Street Food in Nigeria with Pictures

One of the most intriguing is the street food. Nigerian street food is diverse and also reflects the culture of the society. This article lists some common street food in the country.

King David from the Bible; Lessons and events in his life

King David from the Bible is a strong bible character. He is my favourite bible character; his love for God inspires me.

Waiting on the lord

Waiting on the lord as believers is having faith and trusting God to fulfil his promises. The period of waiting on the lord is like a grooming and forming period where we learn to have faith in God. Waiting is not usually easy or palatable.

30 Daily Healthy Pregnancy Prayers

I believe prayer in pregnancy helps to relieve stress and anxiety. As Christians, it is essential to pray for healthy pregnancy. Prayers open your heart to God and tell Him your worries.

Spiritual Gifts in The Bible

Spiritual gifts are divine enablement given by the Holy Spirit to help us manifest his power more.

Ewedu Soup Recipe

Ewedu soup is a medicinal soup and very easy to cook. In this ewedu soup recipe, I shared how to cook ewedu using a broom (ijabe) or blender and the health benefits of ewedu. 

13 Examples of Red flags in a Relationship

Relationships are crucial but finding the right people is more important. There are subtle signs of red flags in a relationship that shouldn’t be ignored.

3 Myths about Fatherhood

Your children don’t have to see the soft side, but they need to know that you are not perfect. In this article, I’ve written some myths about fatherhood.

Important things to buy for a newborn baby

Children are such a joy to behold. The pregnancy period comes with so many emotions; There are times when there is so much excitement. Sometimes, there is an overwhelming fear of caring for a baby. First-time moms find it more challenging to handle pregnancy blues....

20 Romantic Cheap Date Ideas for Couples

Dates do not have to be expensive . There are romantic cheap date ideas that work if you are on a budget or want to stay home with your partner.