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Day 10: The Journey to Self-discovery

Welcome to day 10! Thank you for coming this far. I’m sure you’ve learnt something. Today may be the last day of the challenge but I believe the journey doesn’t end today. The journey to self-discovery is not a sprint. It takes time and patience.

Day 9: Face Your Fear

Today I want you to face your fear. Fear is man’s greatest enemy. It prevents us from giving our best to anything

Day 8: Turn Your Weakness into Strength

Quite a number of us understand what our weaknesses are. If we do, then we can turn our weakness into strength……..

How to Identify Your Weaknesses

in the journey to self discovery, you have to identify your weaknesses. When we identify them, we can turn them into strengths.

The power of looking inward

The power of looking inward

The most outstanding men are people who have harnessed the power of looking inward. They became self-aware in the process. This post contains some benefits of looking inward, and I have added some looking inward quotes to boost your confidence.

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8 Tips For Choosing Maternity Outfit

Tips for selecting a maternity outfits.. 1. What do I need? 2. Comfort is priority ….. when should I start shopping for maternity outfits? Do I need maternity outfits?

Christian Worship; 9 Ways to Worship God

Christian worship is not only singing an dancing. Ways to worship God 1. Loving Others 2. Love Yourself 3. Using our resources for his Glory…

Steps to Overcoming Pornography: A Christian Approach

Steps to overcoming pornography; Genuine salvation, Seek counsel and help, listen to godly content… Effects of pornography; Boredom, isolation and loneliness

How to Overcome Addiction with God

Christians can become addicted and it is possible to overcome addiction with God.
Steps to overcome addictions include; 1. Take a stand …

The Judges of Israel

The judges of Israel include; 1. Samson 2. Deborah 3. Shamgar 4. Elon ….. The roles of the judges of Israel was to lead the people and help them follow God.

20+ Beautiful and Powerful Names of God

The beautiful and powerful names of God is expressed throughout the Bible.
Adonai, Yahweh, Jehovah, Jehovah m’kadesh

15 Mental Health Tips for Christians

Mental health tips for christians include; 1.Connect with others 2.Take care of your physical health 3.Journaling 4.Set boundaries 5.Make worship a lifestyle

How to Prepare For a Baby

You need to prepare for a baby mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially. Preparing for a baby is beyond wanting a baby or planning a baby with your partner.

10 Uplifting and Inspiring Hymns (with lyrics and video)

Christian Hymns are very special and unique songs; they can lead us into worship. Hymns like; In Christ alone, lily of the valley, Just as I am, …. Benefits of singing hymns

15 Self-Care Ideas For Moms; New Moms And Busy Moms

There are lots of self-care ideas for moms to facilitate better mental health; this article focuses on things I’ve tried that worked for me.

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