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Welcome to my blog. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters. A Content Writer, Web Developer, Maths Teacher and a Lover of God. I am passionate about writing and helping people find answers to their questions.

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About Beautiful Roses Nigeria

 Christianity is a lifestyle. It is essential to manifest Christ in all we do as believers. Our daily habits and choices should reflect that we are a light that shines.

Beautiful Roses Nigeria is a Christianity-themed lifestyle blog. I started this blog in 2019, before the pandemic. It was a challenging moment in my life, and writing was my place of refuge. I decided to share my thoughts with the world from the perspective of a Christian woman.

This blog focuses on lifestyle areas like Christianity, parenting, motherhood, pregnancy, relationship, recipes and many more. I hope the resources on this blog meet your needs, and I’ll love to hear from you.


Beautiful Roses Nigeria: Roses have Thorn

Why the name Beautiful Roses?


Beautiful Roses is a name I envisioned around 2012. The name crossed my mind during one of my study times which made me research roses. I know roses are beautiful; the smell and the feel of the flower are fantastic. I never thought there was any other exciting side to the beautiful flower.

I found out that the delicate and soft flower has thorns. Sharp and prickling thorns can cause pain. Oh my! How did I never know this? A beautiful flower that brings smiles to the face of many people has thorns. It really resonates with me. I realised many of us have a part of us that feels like thorns. We have a side that we are never willing to share.

Everyone has a lovely beauty to behold, but we all have a total turn-off side. It doesn’t mean we are terrible. It only suggests we can improve ourselves and become better. A well-trimmed rose will bring smiles and not cries. A renewed and reformed life will also bring smiles. That is why the blog is called Beautiful roses Nigeria.

On Beautiful Roses Nigeria, I cover essential physical and spiritual growth topics. I believe Christians should live life to the fullest. I hope you find the articles on this blog helpful.


Much love and peace


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