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Open Heavens Daily Devotional June 19, 2024

The topic for our open heavens daily devotional today June 19, 2024 is “Spend time with them Part 3”.   

What Does The Bible Say About Liars And Manipulators?

While the Bible may not use the term “manipulation,” it does guide related topics such as deceit, integrity, and the use of one’s words. Here is what the bible says about liars and manipulators

Ways to Spend Time with God

Engage in worship and devotion to God with these 20 ways to spend time with God. Spending time with God means communing and staying in his presence. Spending time with God is not a one-time thing.

Christian Self-Care; A Soulful Journey

Experience renewal and inner peace through Christian self-care practices. Draw closer to God while rejuvenating your soul. Explore the concept of Christian self-care, the benefits of self-care, types of self-care, and self-care activities Christians can try.

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