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List of Jesus’ Miracles In Chronological Order

37 Miracles of Jesus in Chronological Order
Jesus turned water into wine Cana of Galilee John 2:1-11
Jesus heals a nobleman’s son Cana of Galilee John 4:43-54

The Abundant Blessings of God

Explore the blessings of God and find hope and joy learning about his abundant blessings. Material blessings are the blessings of God that have to do with the material or financial needs we have.

Prayer Against Strongholds

Prayer against strongholds
1. Heavenly Father, I break free from every stronghold of the mind.
2. Every wrongdoing of my generation that has placed me in bondage, I declare myself free from them today in Jesus’ name

What is a stronghold in the Bible?

Strongholds are anything that has a firm grip on an individual. In this article, the definition of a stronghold from the bible, examples of strongholds, bible verses about strongholds, strongholds of the mind and many more.

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