Day 3:  Peer Review

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peer review

September 3, 2021

 Man is said to be a social being. It is difficult for a human to function effectively or live to its total capacity without interaction with its environment. Hence, the importance of peer review. On our journey to self-discovery, we need to critically look at how we can interact effectively with people around us. A man who will live to his full potential is a man who is conscious of how his behaviours and choices affect his immediate environment. Welcome to day 3 of the self-discovery challenge, and today we’ll be talking about Peer Review. 

Peer review is simply seeking other people’s opinions. I have heard people say a couple of times that what others think about them do not matter. They tend to live life on a superficial level and not experience the true feeling of fulfilment. Sometimes this statement is born out of selfishness and a desire to lord over everyone.

I understand the point that we should not allow others opinions to rule us. We genuinely do not have to wait for the approval of the people around us before we make important life decisions. This is one important reason we have to surround ourselves with sincere friends. People who will not be afraid to call a spade a spade. We are indeed unique. It’s almost impossible to meet people who have identical characters. This is proof of our uniqueness. We are God’s masterpiece who may not be able to be his best without meaningful and proper interaction with people around him.

Let’s take an example of products made by companies. A company that doesn’t take product reviews critical may find itself out of the market in no time. It is the reviews that give an idea of what to do to make the brand better. Suppose we keep this in mind every time. In that case, we’ll understand that what people say matters, but we shouldn’t let it form the basis of who we are because human opinion can be subject to circumstances. I once had a colleague who thought everyone didn’t love him. He felt everyone was against him.

Most people didn’t like him because he was proud, and there was no one he couldn’t confront. He saw this as being bold, but it made people withdraw from him. Everyone only thought of him as authoritarian. He will insult you and you and expected you not to complain. This sort of behaviour is wrong; if only he would genuinely take what other people said seriously and work on himself, then he’ll be better.

We must realise that we can always become better when we are truly honest with ourselves. Peer review is a blessing if taken with an open and sincere heart. Peer review doesn’t necessarily mean negative reviews or opinions. If you listen to others, you’ll be amazed to discover that people have noticed potential that you don’t even know. Don’t be afraid to hear the opinions of others about you.

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Today’s Task: Peer Review

Ask friends and colleagues for a review. Let them know you won’t see them as enemies even when their opinion about you is negative.


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