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Side Hustle Digital Skills Training

I registered for the side hustle internship with high expectations. I had prior knowledge that digital skill is necessary

Vegetable soup went wrong

Vegetable soup went wrong is a story about resilience and learning from mistakes. Draw inspiration from this cooking lesson

Bane: A Story about Lade’s Jealousy

A jealousy fiction Lade was so angry seeing Dele with Tade. She was very jealous. She hates Tade. Lade has always loved Dele with all her heart. Dele never loved her, and he has rejected her advances towards him many times. He didn't like that Lade was too demanding,...

How to Overcome Obsession

signs of obsession 1. Possessive thoughts 2. Overwhelming attraction to someone or something .. how to overcome obsession include:

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How to Hear God’s Voice

hearing God’s voice is important for all believers. Some of the ways God speaks include; God speaks through his word, he speaks through our inner voice …. Benefits of hearing God’s voice…

9 Bible Study Tips for beginners

Bible Study Tips for beginners
1. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance
2. Take notes
3. Have a regular study time …

Bible study tools needed include…

Jesus Turns Water to wine (Story and Lessons)

Jesus turned water into wine in such a way that shows the love and care God has for us. Lessons from the wedding at Cana include:
1. God responds to our faith..

15 Tips to keep the love alive in your marriage

15 Tips to keep the love alive in your marriage; 1. Communicate your partner’s love language 2. Appreciate your partner 3. Take care of your physical health …

How to Overcome Sexual Addiction as a Christian

Tips to overcome sexual addiction 1. Admit you need help 2. Reach out for help …. Signs and symptoms of sexual addiction include: 1. uncontrollable urge ….. Learn more

8 Tips For Choosing Maternity Outfit

Tips for selecting a maternity outfits.. 1. What do I need? 2. Comfort is priority ….. when should I start shopping for maternity outfits? Do I need maternity outfits?

Christian Worship; 9 Ways to Worship God

Christian worship is not only singing an dancing. Ways to worship God 1. Loving Others 2. Love Yourself 3. Using our resources for his Glory…

Steps to Overcoming Pornography: A Christian Approach

Steps to overcoming pornography; Genuine salvation, Seek counsel and help, listen to godly content… Effects of pornography; Boredom, isolation and loneliness

How to Overcome Addiction with God

Christians can become addicted and it is possible to overcome addiction with God.
Steps to overcome addictions include; 1. Take a stand …

The Judges of Israel

The judges of Israel include; 1. Samson 2. Deborah 3. Shamgar 4. Elon ….. The roles of the judges of Israel was to lead the people and help them follow God.