Vegetable soup went wrong

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August 31, 2021

“When I get home today, I want to cook a vegetable soup. The soup must be delicious, I will add cow skin, ugu, smoked fish, locust beans, and other ingredients. I want to take care of myself this weekend I’ll make semolina and buy five alive to go along with it. These were the thought on my mind as I left work that fateful Friday afternoon. I bought all the necessary ingredients on my way home.             

   When I got home, I quickly prepared the soup, I was in a hurry because it’s almost time for my princesses to be around. I hurriedly prepared the soup and the semolina. Soon my princesses were back from school, I was happy to see them and I wanted them to have a taste of the food I prepared. I’m usually not in the habit of tasting food while cooking.         

      I served my daughter’s food and she was not ready to eat the food at all, I forced her to eat a little thinking she’s just being her usual self. After an hour I served my food and discovered the soup was bitter and the semolina had lumps. What! How! Why! I was very sad, I couldn’t eat the food. I went to sleep like that. I only hoped my husband won’t complain.                

I woke up the following day to realise my husband couldn’t eat his food too. He also complained about the soup being bitter and the semolina had lumps. I was very sad and unhappy, I didn’t want the remaining soup to waste. Suddenly, I remembered my mother’s saying that “a vegetable soup is as delicious when it has enough pepper”. I blended more pepper and onion which I used to make the soup. It came out very delicious and I was very happy.

Lesson Learnt. Don’t ever give up. Sometimes all you is more energy, more ideas, more patience. Life brings unplanned situations and events but what you make of them is more important. Every dream does not become great at first but with more tenacity and effort it will surely succeed.


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