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It is a proven fact that nothing on earth is perfect. Everything has a flaw. There are so many inventions that were record-breaking when invented. Everyone celebrated the breakthrough, and it was a giant stride for whoever invented those technologies. Over the years, we have seen a massive improvement in technology to make them function optimally. More improvements are still on the way. Suppose innovations are regularly updated and modified so that they can be better. In that case, I see no reason why we cannot improve ourselves and become better. The critical step in achieving this success is to identify your weaknesses. When we recognise our shortcomings, we can improve them and turn them into strengths.

     More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t so busy denying them.

The Gootman Institute

When an athlete is preparing to compete in a game, he is 100% focused. He has given in years of hard work and training to make sure he can compete. Before his big day, if he feels any iota of weakness in his body, he takes immediate action against those symptoms to prevent them from ruining his chances. The athlete knows his success depends on how much he has worked on his setbacks. It tells us the importance of working on our weaknesses. Weaknesses are every man’s limitations. It is necessary to be aware that you’re not perfect. Working on our weaknesses is a skill that we must learn. The best of us is not perfect; we all have imperfections that tend to drive fear into our hearts. 

How to Identify your weaknesses

1. Identify your Dislikes

2. What negative comments have people made about you?

3. What is your thought pattern?

4. Get feedback from close and trusted friends/family.

Let’s talk more about the listed guides above

Identify your dislikes

   Please give it a thought; what are those things you dread doing. A lot of times, the things we fear are our greatest weakness. We sometimes find ourselves avoiding some activities because we dread them. Think about the things that send chills down your spine when asked to do them. Examples include: facing the crowd, reading a book, speaking your mind, calling a friend, travelling and many more.

What Negative comments Have People Made About You?

   When neighbours, friends and colleagues complain about a habit of yours regularly, this can be a pointer to your weakness. A lot of times, we find it hard to accept criticism. We form a wall of defence around ourselves to prevent anyone else from penetrating. It is a blessing to have a heart that receives negative feedback positively. Consider those feedbacks you received on day four.

What are Your Thought Pattern?

identify your weakness : thoughts quote
How to Identify Your Weaknesses 2

Our thoughts are a reflection of who we are. A man is what he thinks. Thoughts form the basis of our actions. When we give thoughts to negativity, it becomes an unconscious decision. Many people have found themselves doing things they didn’t plan, which leaves them shocked. What are your thoughts? Negative thoughts are weaknesses that can damage, and their long term effect is detrimental. Analyse your thoughts. Do you think positively or negatively? You can also keep a diary where you write down your thoughts and actions, which help you track how your thoughts and actions relate to each other.

Get feedback from close and trusted friends/family.

No man is ever an island of knowledge; we all need the ideas and opinions of friends and families at certain times. To identify your weakness, get honest feedback from friends and family. Feedback is essential because they are the ones who sometimes are directly affected by some of our decisions. Please select trusted friends when asking for this evaluation. Make sure to choose honest and objective friends. An honest review is important to identify your weaknesses.

I hope this article helps you to identify your weaknesses. The first step to improving and becoming better is to identify your weaknesses. You can also share your thoughts in the comment section

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Today’s task

1. Create a list of your thought pattern for the day

2. Identify five weaknesses you have.

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