Day 8: Turn Your Weakness into Strength

March 18, 2024

Written byAdelekan Bolanle

Originally posted on September 8, 2021 @ 6:00 am

Quite a number of us know our weaknesses. Even if you don’t, I believe you are reading this article because you want to become better. We all have a common privilege: the ability to make life choices. A child who grew up in the slum can either fight hard to become successful or choose to stay in the slum and end up a failure; it all boils down to our choices. A lady in an abusive relationship can either stay in the relationship or leave the relationship while facing the harsh realities of life. In the same vein, we can turn our weakness into strength, or our flaws define us.

Our weaknesses are sometimes born out of fear and circumstances surrounding our childhood. I used to know a lady whose weakness was fear of rejection. She lived life in solitude and didn’t believe anyone could love her. She was afraid of allowing people to move close to her. This was her greatest weakness, and it made life unbearable for her. We all have a weakness, which is a nightmare for some. I have come to tell you that there is hope. You can turn your weakness into strength.

How to turn your weakness into strength

  1. Accept your weakness
  2. Be deliberate about improving
  3. Be accountable to someone
  4. Celebrate your progress
  5. Set goals and be consistent

You can identify your weaknesses by doing this things

Let’s discuss each step one after the other.

Accept your weakness

Turn your weaknesses into strength by accepting your weaknesses.
Weakness into strength quote; accept your weakness

 A man who has refused to accept realities cannot receive help. To become stronger, we must learn to accept our weaknesses. Living in denial and acting as if everything is perfect is not ideal in becoming better. We must be able to acknowledge our shortcomings and work on them. If you do not accept them, it will be hard to work on them and become better. The reality of life is that we’re not perfect. Everyman lacks one quality or the other

 Be Deliberate about improving

Be deliberate about your decision to become better. Take bold steps to improve and be better. Your decision to turn your weakness into strength should be fuelled by your decision to be a better human. Don’t make this decision because you want to please family or friends; instead, you want an improved you who has confidence in their abilities.

Be accountable to someone

Discouragement and setbacks are common when trying to improve oneself. You begin to wonder if it is vital to put in so much effort, especially when your effort does not yield desired results. That is why it is crucial to have a close or trusted friend/family who can hold you accountable and put you on the right path. You can also employ the services of a self-development coach if you feel awkward bearing your heart to friends/family. Discuss your goals and plan with the person you have selected and be sure the individual is willing to help you achieve your goals. When you are responsible to someone, the desire to succeed is higher.

Turn your weaknesses into strength by being accountable
Turn your weakness into strength by being accountable

Celebrate your progress

It isn’t a pride to celebrate yourself sometimes. Whenever you do something you dread successfully, celebrate yourself. Give yourself a thumbs up. Value the progress you have made because it is a step closer to perfection. Take time out to treat yourself to a yummy dinner or movie. Nobody will celebrate you if you do not value yourself. People will only appreciate you if you love yourself if you don’t celebrate yourself.

Set goals and be consistent

Be consistent with the small steps, and surely you’ll get results—set goals for yourself. Pick a weakness at a time and consistently work on it. Changes truly take time; take it slow and be consistent. Have a diary and track your success and setbacks. Sometimes it may feel like you’re not making progress but don’t give up. Keep trying!

Finally, let me close this article with the story of the renowned Neuro Surgeon Dr Ben Carson, who everyone in his school rejected. He was mocked by both his teachers and colleagues in school. No one saw anything good coming out of him. Still, his mother never allowed anyone’s opinion to define who he was. She encouraged him and his brother to visit the library to read, which they both agreed to. They started reading and formed a habit of reading regularly. His grades changed, and this restored his self-confidence. The rest is history. You can read the book Gifted Hands by Ben Carson to be inspired.

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Today’s Task: How to Turn your weakness into strength

  1. Decide who your accountability partner will be.
  2. Strategise how you can apply the steps listed to turn your weakness into strength.



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