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Day 6: How to Identify your strengths

recognise your strength

March 18, 2024

Originally posted on September 6, 2021 @ 9:52 am

We tend to face difficulty in life, and how we react to those circumstances makes a difference. Like I always say, we are all unique. There are treasures and beauties within us, which are our strengths and uniqueness. When we understand these, we become more confident and function optimally because of the confidence in our ability. When you identify your strengths, you have found your path.

In the journey to self-discovery, recognising and understanding your strength is an important face. No one becomes the best version of themselves without understanding their strengths and weaknesses. Discipline and self-awareness will help harness our strengths and weaknesses, which helps build self-confidence. Successful people are people who understand their strengths and weaknesses.

They know their abilities, and they have consistently channelled those strengths. They also appreciate their fault and have learned to harness these weaknesses.

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When I think about the importance of knowing your strength, this advertisement on television comes to mind. The ad is the story of a young man who loves cooking. He cooks for his friends, neighbours, colleagues, and family. Cooking is a hobby that he enjoys, and he does it effortlessly. Most of the time, people gather around him because of his food.

They want to have a bit of the delicious food he cooks. He was an undergraduate in a university, and he soon graduated. After graduation, he started searching for a job. He was on this for years, and every time he came home rejected after an interview, cooking was his solace. Even when he was sad, cooking gave him joy that soon washes away his sadness.

One day he went for an interview, and while waiting, he saw someone delivering food. These gave him the idea to start his own food company. He made food and posted it on social media, and his friends were happy to give him a positive review. We sometimes overlook the smallest abilities because we think strength means you have to be a superman.

True power is in things that come naturally without force. You never know how much good it will bring if you harness it: this may bring millions into your account, change the world, impact lives, redefine society and many more. Identify your strengths and improve your weaknesses to get the best out of life.

Self-respect, self-worth, and self-love all start with self. Stop looking outside of yourself for your value. 

Rob Liano

Steps to Identify your Strengths

  1. Your Natural Abilities
  2. Compliment from others
  3. Do the things you love
  4. Find out what your personality is

Your Natural Abilities

 One of the simple ways to understand your strength is to pinpoint the things you do comfortably. These are the things you do with joy, even when stressed out. We all have something that brings us out of our shells. The first step to knowing your 

strength is to search deep and recognise those things that you do naturally without being forced. These could be hobbies, habits, character traits, compassion, etc.

Compliment from others

 This question is critically in recognising your strengths. What are the reasons your friends, colleagues, staffs, neighbours love you? Consider the things people like about you. I’m sure you still have a little circle of friends for some of us who are not social butterflies. Your friends love and cherish you because of something they like about you.

Ask these Questions

What makes my customers stick to you? 

  • Why are my friends still around me?
  •  Why do I do best in my family? 
  • Your answers to these questions may be your turning point.

Do the things you love

Do what you love
Do what you love

Sometimes we are afraid to use and celebrate our strengths and talents because others may consider us as proud. We prefer to keep ourselves caged instead of living life freely and exploring our abilities. The more you use your strengths, the more hidden abilities you discover. Do not be afraid to use your knowledge because this distinguishes you from everyone.

Find out what your personality is

The behaviours and Characters which we exhibit have deep roots in our personalities. Everyone has a personality that makes us behave the way we do. In the book ‘Why you act the way you do’ by Tim Lahaye, He categorised different character traits and behaviour into personality types. He even went as far as suggesting careers that suites each personality. Suppose you don’t know your personality type. In that case, I’m sure this book will help you understand your nature, and this will help you identify your strength and your weaknesses.

Finally, I want to encourage you to take time out to think about these things today. If you can’t seem to understand an ability you have, try to ask your close associate or friends. You may be shocked to find out they place more value on you than you place on yourself. Remember, we sometimes lose track of our strengths because we fear failing. The fear of failure is the greatest enemy of success. Anytime you’re faced with your weaknesses, think of your strength. I tell myself regularly that I am a superwoman. I may not be the best parent, sister, wife, friend, etc., but I am giving it my best. My best may not be enough for you, but I choose to celebrate myself always without fear.

I challenge you to identify your strengths today.

The world is waiting for you.

Today’s Task

1. Have a quiet time of soul searching. Think about those things that may be your strength.

2. Use one of those strengths to your advantage today.

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