The power of looking inward

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The power of looking inward: A man looking at his reflection in the water

September 4, 2021

The most outstanding men are people who have harnessed the power of looking inward. They became self-aware in the process. This post contains some benefits of looking inward, and I have added some looking inward quotes to boost your confidence. Continue reading to unlock this treasure.

Happiness is inward, and not outward; so it doesn’t depend on what we have but on what we are

Henry Van Dyke

Welcome to day 4 of the journey; how has it been? How was yesterday’s Task? Were you able to get some facts that can make you better? Today I’ll be sharing about the benefit of looking inward. We are all a bundle of abilities, gifts, and talents. We are all important in history, and this is why it is essential to look inward and understand yourself. No matter how much encouragement you receive from people, the decision to become better, succeed or live life to the fullest lies with you.

The power of looking inward; discover who you are
Discover who you are. Image Credit: Photo by Brett Jordan from Pexels

Looking inward is the ability to search deep within yourself. It is looking inward for ways to solve problems or overcome challenges instead of looking outward. The power of looking inward is essential because many of us look outside for solutions to the challenges we face. We have all it takes to overcome challenges, but we don’t try enough.

Looking inward is the first step to self-awareness. Self-awareness is ones’ ability to focus on your actions, behaviours, thought-pattern, and emotion to improve decision-making, relationships and align choices to your internal emotions. Some synonyms of self-awareness are self-worth, self-consciousness, self-direction etc. No one can become genuinely self-aware without looking inward and becoming self-conscious.

The ability to look inward is a crucial attribute of leadership. Leadership positions are not for the faint-hearted. The possibility of being a good leader is in your ability to look inward within yourself and also understand when to look outward for solutions and answers. Often, situations demand prompt response and these times; you only rely on the things you’ve learned over the years. You have to trust your instincts.

Insight, intuition, intelligience, inner peace; all come from within Pay attention Inward

Anna Goldstein

Overcome Depression in easy steps

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Benefits of looking inward

There is a lot to gain when we reflect on who we are. we stand to gain more when we add the opinion of others to our thoughts. A mixture of these two is like purifying gold in a fire. The heat of the fire is fierce, but the gold comes out pure and better. 

  • Emotional intelligence: we can understand our emotions when we look inward. We know our triggers and how best we can respond to situations.
  • Understand your strength and weaknesses: I believe no one is perfect. We all can harness our strengths and improve our shortcomings if we are self-aware.
  • Self-confidence: Self-confidence comes from one’s ability to rely on your decisions.
  • Good career choice: people who know their capabilities tend to make good career choices early in life. It gives them a head start.
  • Inner peace: We all seek inner peace. A self-aware man will walk through life’s challenges with deep inner peace.

We look outside for the wonders inside us


My Experience

While growing up, I was a very blunt and direct young girl. I say things as they are without fear, and I don’t care about how it’ll hurt another person. While in high school, I was very blunt, and no one could win me in an exchange of words. I never fought with anyone physically because I would have said mean and terrible words to my victims. One day I said a negative comment to one of my friends, and she felt very hurt. It affected our friendship, and she was hurt terribly.

At this point, I became unhappy with myself, and I began to work on myself. My central turning point was when I started attending church and met people who showed me much love. When I say mean things, they were always there to caution me. I am not at my best yet, but I am better. In the past years, I’ve seen myself handle annoying situations calmly. Becoming better was possible because I listened to what others thought about me, and I decided to be better. I’m still trying to improve, and I know I’ll be far better with time.

This experience helped me realise the importance of looking inward and evaluating myself honestly. I couldn’t have improved on myself without the honest feedback of my friend. Situations like this are when looking outward comes in. we sometimes have to look outward for answers and solutions to challenges. It brings new knowledge and ideas to the table because no man is an island. We all need people at one time or the other in our lives.

Don’t be afraid to look inward and see through people’s eyes.

Today’s Task: The Power of looking Inward

Take out 10 minutes to reflect and look inward today. create a list from your reflection, separate them into two categories ( strength and weakness).


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