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Ways to Overcome Obsession

How to overcome Obsession

July 17, 2024

Originally posted on August 31, 2021 @ 10:41 am

Obsession is an unhealthy attachment to something. It manifests as a strong will to have something at all costs. Obsession can lead to mental disorders, drug addictions, and crimes. There is a thin line between a desire to have something and an obsession. If the desire for something is not controlled, it can become an obsession. The constant thought of possessing something can quickly change to obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is crucial to learn how to overcome obsession before it becomes controlling and destructive.

 Obsessive behaviour is self-destructive, and it harms health. Obsessive people have little or no control over how they behave or reason. The urge to own a thing is strong and dominate all sense of reasoning. Obsession takes hold of a person’s behaviour, making its victim feel helpless and self-righteous.

People can be obsessed with many things like Success, money, fame, love, power, etc. The will to have that need at all costs can be deadly. People kill to show they are in control or for money. People who are obsessed do not think about the repercussion of their actions. Obsessions can sometimes be born out of depression.  

Signs of Obsession

Every action and decision we take is born from our thoughts and emotions. Let’s analyse our daily habits and behaviours. We will discover that a lot of our actions are a reflection of our thoughts. Obsessive behaviours don’t start in a day. It begins gradually, and it is vital to understand the signs of obsession to overcome it quickly.

  • Overwhelming attraction to someone or something

How to overcome Obsession
A woman who is obsessed with brown shoes. Image Credit: Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Have you ever felt attracted to someone and can’t control how you think? It may be a sign of obsession! We all are attracted to something or someone. Love shouldn’t be overwhelming or selfish. It is important to note a thin line between love and obsession. 

Sometimes people cross the line when they don’t define their relationships. They get attracted to someone who doesn’t reciprocate the love; obsession and resentment replace love.

  •  Possessive thoughts

Possessive thoughts and behaviour is an obvious sign of obsession. I believe if we don’t feel something is only ours, we won’t become possessive. 

  •  Fear of Rejection

No one wants rejections. We all want to be accepted by friends, family and colleagues. Obsessed people tend to fear rejection, especially by someone they are obsessed with. A dictator has an immense fear of being overthrown because he is obsessed with power. Obsessive people never want to be rejected or turned away.

  • Controlling behaviour

Relationship with obsessive people is toxic and dangerous. Controlling behaviour and abuses are typical of obsession. The desire to have the final say over all issues and keep the other party in control is a sign of addiction.

Effects of Obsession

The effects of obsession start subtly and become obvious over time. Some of the effect of obsession include.

Obsession leads to depression. We can’t always have our way with everything or everyone. We may face rejection at one point, which is devastating for people with obsessive-compulsive behaviours. 

  • Drug addiction and Substance abuse

Substance abuse and drug addiction are common effects of obsession. People use narcotics and drugs to calm their nerves which is an unhealthy way of dealing with obsession. 

  • Constant anxiety

No one can control anyone forever. People often look for ways to be free from every form of oppression—obsession and trying to be possessing leads to fear and anxiety. The constant thought of losing what is precious is tormenting.

  • Jealousy or Hatred

Jealousy and hatred come when a partner is obsessed with the other. You don’t want to see other people around them. It can worsen when there is immense hatred for people close to them, who have one or two impacts on them.

  • Death

Obsession can lead to death. There are cases of lovers who killed their partners because of obsession. Some even go as far as killing each other. Obsession is a powerful emotion that can cloud judgement and behaviours.

  • Low self-image

When people do not think they are good enough for anyone, they develop a low self-image. The thoughts of losing the only thing you see as important can lead to self-image and obsession.

Obsession in the Bible

There are bible characters who showed signs of oppression. There are many examples of obsession in the bible, but I chose to write about two bible characters who showed sign of obsession.

  • Saul

Saul was a young man who became the first king of Israel after the Israelites asked for a king. He was loved by God until his disobedience and obsession for power became his downfall. Saul’s obsession for power drove him to have hatred and jealousy for David. He left his throne at some point to hunt and kill David. Saul tried every means he could to retain power, but he never got what he wanted. (1 Samuel 9-29)

  • Judas 

Judas was one of the disciples of Jesus. Jesus himself chose him. Judas went everywhere, but his obsession for money made him betray Jesus. Judas was the accountant for the disciples; he kept the money for the disciples. His focus on money eventually made him betray Jesus.

Biblical Ways to Overcome Obsession

1. Counselling

It is crucial to seek help to overcome obsession. Thoughts and behavioural patterns that tend towards obsession should be controlled quickly. be open to receiving counselling from reliable and trusted personnel. You can book an appointment with a mental health coach. 

2. Self-evaluation: why do you want this person/thing?

The word ‘why’ should be the basis of your decision. Whenever you have a strong desire to own something, weigh your reason for wanting that possession. If we evaluate our reason for wanting something, it will be easy to let go and live a healthy life.

3. Meditation

How to overcome obsession: Meditation
Photo by Spencer Selover from Pexels

Meditation helps calm and relax your mind. It helps to channel your energy to something more fruitful, healthy and productive. Let your mind drift away from that need. Think about things that benefit you. I suggest you take one scripture verse a day that inspires you. Allow your emotions to drift towards the things of God.

4. Healthy lifestyle habits

Obsessive thoughts sometimes come up when you are idle. Invest in activities that engage your mind. Do things that are fun and lifts your spirit. It could be playing a soccer game with friends, writing a book, cooking, hosting friends, exercising, taking a walk, etc. You can also change your lifestyle and habits to something healthy to boost your mental health and overcome obsession.

5. Live freely, catch fun, and be ready for whatever life throws at you

Let your mind be free always. Don’t allow negative thoughts to thrive in your heart. Be open-hearted to life situations. Never let anything or anyone determine your mood. It is crucial to have a free mind and see life as a book; every page is a new chapter.

When I was younger, I was obsessed with looking beautiful. I used to have a box filled with make-up kits until I realised it wasn’t healthy. I decided to look natural at a point in my life, and I love it. It has helped me see my true beauty and value my natural looks. I’m no longer afraid of weaving my natural hair or going out without make-up. You can overcome obsession too.

Love from Bola

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