Defining Relationships

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Defining Relationships

August 31, 2021

A relationship is simply the connection between two or more people/things. It is the association between two people. Humans are social beings, which means we connect to two or more people in different ways. People become heartbroken when they discover the other person never saw them the way they thought. Defining relationships is a skill that we must all master. It is imperative to understand the types of relationships and know what to expect from each to prevent heartbreaks. 

 I recall a time in my life when I was confused and overwhelmed by relationships I shared with people. I had many people around me, and I could not define each relationship. Being an open person implies that I will readily give my very best to people; I want to be part of their lives and give them as much support as I can.

After suffering so many heartaches from failed friendships, I was determined to define each relationship I shared with people. It was even more difficult for me to manage relationships with the opposite sex because I could not bear to see people get hurt because of my action. There are different types of relationships. Everyone cannot be your friends, brother, cousin or family. It is important to first understand the types of relationships.

5 Types of Relationships


Family is a fundamental part of each individual. I’ve discovered that family is an integral part of who we are from my interactions with people. Families are people who have a biological relationship with us. Many social behaviours, characters, and habits result from family backgrounds. Uncles, aunts, siblings, parents, and grandparents are family members.

Defining Relationships: Family
A family eating together. These moments bring Joy. Photo Credit: Photo by fauxels from Pexels

Family is a strong cord that binds people together. We often tend to be sentimental when it comes to this kind of relationship. We protect it with every iota of our being because it is one relationship we value. Even though it is an integral part of our lives, we should still set boundaries. 

Colleagueship: Professional or Work Relationship

 Colleagues are fellow members of a profession or organization. They can also be fellow members of a body or organization. You share a professional relationship with these people and don’t be surprised when they show attitudes that prove that you’re not more than a colleague to them. We tend to mistake this relationship for friendship because we spend most of our time with these people. 

Defining relationship : colleagueship
Professionals shaking hands after a business deal. Photo Credit: Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

This relationship is significant. Colleagues are people who help on a career path. They serve as a motivation to us. Sometimes our colleagues become our mentors, guiding you along our career path. It is one relationship that I believe shouldn’t be treated with levity. Relate well with your colleagues but never forget they are a capable competition.

Courtship / Marriage Relationship

Courtship or marriage is one relationship we all hope to have. This part of us wants someone we can be ourselves with when we are weak or strong. Courtship is a time meant to study and understand the other person. It is a relationship that forms the basis of marriage.

Marriage is a significant relationship. The period of courtship is a time to prepare for marriage. It is important to Discuss some topics and understand each other. The talk of divorce in marriage is easy. It may seem like an easy path from the outside. Still, it isn’t. We can prevent divorce by making an effort to understand each other’s preferences, habits and behaviours.


There is no peace as great as having a peaceful and blissful friendship. Life is enjoyable when you know someone has your back. Friends are people you have tested and can be trusted to stand with you through thick and thin. Random people cannot be called friends, but they can become friends over time. Friendship is a key to success because we all need people to succeed. 

One of the most outstanding examples of friendship that comes to my mind is the biblical friendship between David and Jonathan. Their souls were closely knitted together. The love between them was more than we could imagine. Friends are people who have your back always; they are in your life, not for benefit. 


Acquaintances are people you’ve been introduced to at one time or the other. They can also be people you’ve met somewhere, but you do not share a close relationship or bond. This relationship may seem insignificant, but it is crucial to know that it is the basis of all relationships. We meet people every day, and these people may become an essential part of our lives in no time. 

Action Point: Defining Relationships

create time to categorize the people in your life into the category they belong. Toxic relationships are not healthy for you, make deliberate efforts. Defining relationships is very easy as long as you are willing to create boundaries. You can learn how to create boundaries in your relationships from this post here.


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