Day 9: Face Your Fear

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face your fear

September 9, 2021

Welcome to day 9! well done for coming this far. I want to believe that you have benefitted from this journey. Today I want you to face your fear. Fear is man’s greatest enemy. It prevents us from giving our best to anything. It is like tying an athlete to a pole and asking him to run. He will not be able to achieve anything because he is constrained to a spot.

What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Negative thoughts come to mind when fear is in control. We begin to find excuses for not proceeding or allowing ourselves to unearth our abilities. Remember the story about the lion we started with on the first day. The lion was not living to his capacity. It was behaving and living like a goat instead of being the pride and leader of the jungle. The noise he heard scared him, he was afraid, and the noise did not make him weak. He wanted to find out more. He faced his fear and discovered his true nature.

The lion would never have found out how much strength lies within him if he never took that bold step. When he faced his fear, he found himself. You have come this far into day 9 of this challenge. Fear should not hold you back from living your best life. You are an embodiment of capacity, and there is something in you that will turn the world around.

Do not allow the fear of failure or what people will say to hold you back. People will always talk, turn their talk into strengths that make you stand out and stand tall. You have one shot at life. You will not get a second chance to live so, why should you not live?

Today’s Task: Face Your Fear

Do an activity that scares you today.


  1. Stuart Danker

    That quote is so powerful, because yes, the first reaction is to avoid fear. But only through facing them do we get rid of them. Thanks for this post!

    • Bolanle Adelekan

      I am really happy we share the same thoughts. Thank you!


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