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8 Tips For Choosing Maternity Outfit

Originally posted on November 24, 2022 @ 9:35 am

It doesn’t matter if a woman is pregnant or not; women want to always look stylish and beautiful. A lot of new moms tend to find it difficult to decide what to wear and what not to wear during pregnancy. Choosing maternity outfits isn’t rocket science and I’m sure you’ll be able to confidently shop for your clothes with these tips.

8 tips to choose maternity  outfit
8 Tips For Choosing Maternity Outfit 4

What To Consider When Choosing Maternity Outfits

There are many essential factors to consider when shopping for maternity outfit. It is necessary to keep each of these points in mind.

Comfort should be your top priority.

It is important to buy comfortable clothes when pregnant. Comfortable clothes help you to stay relaxed and it keeps your mood happy. Many times, wearing uncomfortable clothes can irritate the shin around the stomach and the waistline especially wearing tight-fitting clothes. The clothes you wear during pregnancy aren’t for fashion statements only, they are meant to be comfortable; Invest in a comfortable maternity outfit.

Choose free and comfortable nightwear.

Sleeping comfortably during pregnancy can sometimes be difficult especially as you advance in your pregnancy. Buy free nightwear made from cotton to keep your body comfortable. I don’t suggest wearing pyjamas because the trousers can sometimes become uncomfortable when you’re in the late stage of pregnancy. Wearing free clothes helps with blood circulation; this doesn’t mean you have to go for boring nightwear. You can go for colourful night wears with beautiful designs and bright colours.

Do a closet audit before shopping for maternity outfits.

Image Credit: Pexels

If you’re on a budget, this tip is very essential for you. Go through your closet and select clothes that can still be worn during your pregnancy before shopping. When I was pregnant, one of the first things I did was select clothes from my closet that can serve as maternity outfits. I didn’t have to buy many clothes during pregnancy because I had clothes that could fit comfortably during pregnancy. It saved me money and the time I would have spent shopping.

What kind of clothes do I need?

This is an important question to ask yourself before shopping. If you’re working in the corporate world, you’ll need to shop for clothes that fit the corporate world. Where you work or frequently will determine the kind of clothes you would buy.

Shop for clothes with breastfeeding in mind.

Breastfeeding is another face on its own, you don’t want to start racking your brain for breastfeeding outfits later. Go for clothes that can easily serve you during breastfeeding.

Choose comfortable underwear

The choice of underwear is very important for a pregnant woman. Wearing tight-fitting bras is uncomfortable. It can sometimes make you feel breathless and uncomfortable. When buying bras consider breastfeeding also. Buy bras that will also come in handy when you’re breastfeeding. Choose pants with comfortable bands because your waistline will become bigger as you advance in your pregnancy.

Do you mind thrift?

If you don’t mind wearing thrift clothes, kindly walk into a thrift store and see what they have to offer. You can look through the collection and see if you love any of the maternity outfits.

Choose comfortable flats over heels

It is advisable to wear comfortable flats during pregnancy, heels can be uncomfortable as the pregnancy advances. When the pregnancy advances, the centre of gravity changes and wearing heels for long can cause dizziness which can lead to falling. You can also prioritise wearing open toes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need maternity outfits?

I believe you don’t have to buy clothes tagged “maternity outfit”. You can go for clothes that are a little bit bigger and they fit your style perfectly. I don’t shop for maternity wear most time. I sometimes go for free gowns, bigger waist jeans (that can accommodate my stomach at any stage), free tops and polos.

How much should I spend on maternity clothes?

This depends on how much you can afford. I believe you don’t have to spend so much money on maternity clothes. You’ll probably need them for six or seven months. Some women may need to wear maternity outfits for about 6 months postpartum till they regain their initial body size. Most times if you’re carrying your second baby, you may not have to buy new clothes anymore. I usually keep all my pregnancy outfits till I’ll need them again.

How soon should I start shopping for maternity wear?

The answer to this question depends on your body. You don’t have to start shopping for maternity wear immediately you know you’re pregnant. Wait till your body cannot fit comfortably into your old clothes.
When I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn’t need to get new clothes till I was about 5 months gone. My stomach wasn’t big and my bump wasn’t showing. it is better to hold on till you need the clothes before you start buying. This doesn’t mean you can’t window shop or buy the clothes you love in advance.

pregnancy outfit thrift store
image Credit: pexels

In conclusion, selecting and buying a pregnancy outfit is not a difficult task. Make sure you prioritise comfort and wear what works for you.

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