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30 Daily Healthy Pregnancy Prayers

Originally posted on May 18, 2022 @ 12:29 pm

The period of pregnancy comes with a lot of fear and anxiety. It is especially true if that is your first baby. I believe prayer in pregnancy helps to relieve stress and anxiety. As Christians, it is essential to pray for healthy pregnancy. Prayers open your heart to God and tell Him your worries. There are so many things that you want to pray about during pregnancy; sometimes, it becomes difficult to document your thoughts properly.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue,

And those who love it and indulge it will eat its fruit and bear the consequences of their words.

Proverbs 18:21

During my first pregnancy, I read the book Supernatural Childbirth, and it helped form my opinion of praying during pregnancy. I have created a 30-day pregnancy prayer plan you can follow daily for the next nine months. These pregnancy prayers can guide a husband’s prayer for a pregnant wife.

Each of these prayers is in different categories:

  • Prayer of thanksgiving
  • Prayer for medical personnel
  • Prayer for the baby
  • Prayer for the mother
  • Prayer for the parents and siblings

pregnancy prayers
Pour out your heart to God by praying these prayers during pregnancy.

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Prayer of thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is important for believers. We can touch the heart of God through thanksgiving.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for the beautiful gift of a baby. Thank you for the privilege of being a custodian of your heritage. I acknowledge the grace you have given me to be a carrier of this blessing; I do not take this privilege for granted. Thank you for an enjoyable pregnancy and delivery. I thank you because I will carry this pregnancy to term, and your great power is upon me. Thank you for being God all the time.

Prayers for Medical Personnel

 The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.

Proverbs 21:1

Heavenly Father,
I pray that every medical personnel that will attend to me during this pregnancy will take care of me under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. You are the great physician, and you know how best to take care of a patient and help them take care of me properly. They will not miss any crucial details. I pray that you will fill each personnel with the spirit of patience to listen to my concerns and deal with them appropriately.

I pray that you will fill every personnel available on my delivery with the Holy Spirit. They will attend to me with precision and accuracy. I pray for divine guidance and wisdom, and they will not make a mistake during this process.

Prayers for the baby

Abba Father,
I pray for my baby; it is well with him. I pray that every organ in his body (lungs, kidney, heart, blood vessels, bones etc.) Grow properly. I pray for a gentle, calm and sweet temperament for him. The Lord will give him sound health and a sound mind. I pray that every part of his body grows and functions appropriately. May his body parts be perfect and in good shape.

Pregnancy Prayers for the mother

Dear Lord,
I pray for the grace to carry my baby to term. I ask for divine strength and power to have an enjoyable pregnancy. I pray in faith that this pregnancy will be easy, smooth and full of testimonies. I pray that every organ in my body functions properly and adequately. This pregnancy will not be a burden to my body.

I declare that all my reproductive parts agree and function correctly to nurture and deliver a perfect baby. When it’s time to have my baby, I receive grace and strength; I obtain wisdom and calmness through the process of labour. My water will break at the perfect time; the baby will turn to the birthing position. My birth canal will open up properly and efficiently for smooth delivery.

Lord, I declare that there will be no postpartum crisis. I will not fall into postpartum depression. I won’t have post-delivery complications. Breastfeeding my baby will be easy and stressless for me.

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Prayers for Parents and Siblings

Abba Father,
I pray for my partner; I ask you to give him the grace to support me in this pregnancy. I pray that your mercy and grace will show forth for him. He receives the grace to make the right decisions for the baby, and we receive wisdom to train our baby in the way of the Lord.
I pray for our little one’s sibling(s); Lord, help them love each other. May your strong love bind them together? They will not be enemies of each other.

30 Daily Prayers in Pregnancy

Day 1: Thank God for your bundle of joy

Day 2: Proper development of baby’s organs

Day 3: Proper development of baby’s body parts

Day 4: Easy and stress-free pregnancy

Day 5: Strength to carry the baby to term

Day 6: Pray for the medical personnel caring for you and the baby

Day 7: Successful antenatal appointments

Day 8: Pray for Personnel available on delivery day

Day 9: Strength to birth your baby

Day 10: Grace to care for the baby after delivery

Day 11: Baby’s sound health

Day 12: Baby’s spirit, character and temperament

Day 13: God’s favour on the day of delivery

Day 14: Pray for reproductive organs involved in the delivery process

Day 15: Baby’s positioning at delivery

Day 16: Enjoyable pregnancy for both partners

Day 17: God’s protection throughout the pregnancy

Day 18: Painless and easy delivery

Day 19: No complications in pregnancy

Day 20: no complications during delivery

Day 21: Memory of my delivery day will provoke praise

Day 22: Protection over my partner

Day 23: protection over baby’s siblings

Day 24: No postpartum crisis

Day 25: Breastfeeding will be easy, painless and enjoyable

Day 26: Financial provision to take care of the baby

Day 27: Baby and siblings will love each other unconditionally

Day 28: Family and friends will be godly support

Day 29: Thank God for a successful pregnancy

Day 30: Thank God for a successful delivery

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Healthy pregnancy prayers to pray  daily during pregnancy
Healthy pregnancy prayers to pray daily during pregnancy

Final Notes

When we pray these pregnancy prayers, we pray them in faith and trust God. I believe God’s blessings and love are always with us. I will like to hear your testimonies too.

Much love

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