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The story of Joseph in the Bible is one of the stories that inspire resilience, gratitude, and forgiveness. I am inspired to step into greatness and rise above my challenges whenever I read his story. In this article, I’ll share lessons I learned from Joseph, and I hope this inspires you to be different.

The Story of Joseph in the Bible

The story of Joseph was recorded in the Book of Genesis. Joseph was one of the sons of Jacob; he was the 11th son of Jacob and the first child of Rachael, his mother. Jacob loved Rachael very much, and after Rachael died, he transferred the love to Joseph and his brother, Benjamin. Joseph dreamed of seeing his parents and siblings bow to him, and his father rebuked him for saying such.

Joseph’s brother didn’t like him because his father loved him very much. They plotted to kill him but eventually sold him into slavery. Joseph found himself serving as an enslaved person in Potiphar’s house.

Joseph in Potiphar’s house

Joseph became an enslaved person in Potiphar’s house, and he served him faithfully. God prospered Joseph so much that even his master was pleased with him. His master put him in charge of all he owned and made him the controller of his properties and estate. While Joseph was doing his duties, his master’s wife lured him and tried to have sexual relations with him, Joseph refused and she felt embarrassed by his refusal. She lied against him, and this landed Joseph in Prison. (Genesis 39:1-20)

Joseph in Prison

Joseph was imprisoned because of what he didn’t do. Yet, he didn’t allow this reality to depress him; he maintained his good behaviour in prison, and he soon became the supervisor of the other prisoner because of his good behaviour. He was put in charge of the prison and rose to the position of leadership even in the prison. He was in prison when he met the baker and the cupbearer of Pharaoh.

One day, the cupbearer and baker both had a dream. They shared it with Joseph, who interpreted the dream to them. Their dreams happened exactly how Joseph had interpreted it to them. The cupbearer was released from prison, and he didn’t remember Joseph. He was living his dream life until one fateful day. (Genesis 39:21-23)

But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive

Genesis 50:20 (NKJV)

Joseph and Pharaoh’s dream

Pharaoh slept and had a terrifying dream. He was troubled, and he was desperate to understand his dream. He summoned his magician and wise men, but none of them could interpret his dream, which made him more worried. The cupbearer remembered Joseph, and he was brought from prison to Pharaoh.

Pharaoh told Joseph the dream, and Joseph interpreted the dream to Pharaoh. Pharaoh accepted Joseph’s interpretation of the dream and appointed Joseph to be in charge of the palace and the whole of Egypt. He also made Joseph second in command, and Joseph rose to fame. (Genesis 41:1-52)

Joseph meets his Brothers

There were seven years of plenty in Egypt, and Joseph was careful enough to store many grains for the famine. When famine came, Joseph’s brothers came to buy grain in Egypt. Joseph recognised them, and after a series of events, he revealed to them that he was Joseph. Pharaoh was happy to learn about his family; he allowed Joseph and his family to move to Egypt. They were given a city to live in and prospered greatly in the land. (Genesis 42-45)

The character of Joseph

Joseph had great characters that every Christian should emulate; come of them include:

  • He had immense faith in God.
  • He was humble and respectful
  • He was a man who had self-control
  • He was focused and dedicated
  • He had integrity and loyalty
  • He loved and served God

The story of Joseph in the Bible, found in the book of Genesis (Chapters 37-50), contains many valuable lessons that can be applied to various aspects of life. Here are 20 lessons from Joseph’s story:

Lessons from the Story of Joseph

1. Be confident in the dreams and visions God gives you. Joseph believed in God that his dreams and aspirations would be fulfilled even when the situation seemed unlikely.

2. Be Resilient and never faint in the face of adversity. Joseph faced numerous challenges and setbacks but remained resilient in his faith and character. He did not allow his challenges to weaken his resolve.

3. We must have integrity. Joseph demonstrated unwavering integrity in Potiphar’s house, refusing to betray his master. Joseph didn’t betray his master because he saw his betrayal as sinning against God. We, as Christians, should remember that our integrity should reflect our faith.

4. Forgiveness: Joseph forgave his brothers for their betrayal, showing the power of forgiveness in healing relationships. He didn’t hold grudges against his brothers when he met them.

5. God can always protect us, even in difficult times. The story emphasises that God can protect us in the face of danger. Joseph’s brothers initially intended to kill him, but God turned their plan around in his favour.

6. Humility is a virtue: Despite his elevated status, Joseph remained humble and attributed his success to God.

7. We must be patient and wait for God to bring his plans to fulfilment in our lives. Joseph endured years of hardship; he didn’t cut corners or try to make his dream come true with his power. He waited for God to manifest his plans, and the reward was satisfying.

8. Leadership: Joseph was a great leader with exceptional leadership skills. He exhibited leadership qualities in prison and Egypt, managing resources and people effectively.

9. Overcoming Temptation: In those days, sexual sin was common. I believe Potiphar’s wife may not have seduced him if she had an idea that he would reject her. Joseph resisted the advances of Potiphar’s wife, teaching us about the importance of moral virtues.

10. God uses our challenges and experiences to prepare us for where he is taking us. His experiences in Potiphar’s house and prison prepared him for his role in Egypt. We need to learn from our experiences and difficulties because those lessons are needed in the future.

Joseph reunites with his brothers
Image Credit: Freebibleimages

11. Family Reconciliation is very important. We can mend broken family relationships if we want to. Joseph’s story is a lesson in the power of reconciliation within families.

12. We should learn to give to others even when they don’t deserve it. Joseph showed generosity to his brothers by providing for them during a time of famine.

13. Our faith should be grounded and firm. Joseph’s story reminds us of the importance of faith, even in times of uncertainty. Whenever we are going through difficult times, or we feel as if God’s promises are not coming to pass, we should still have faith in God.

14. We should be diligent wherever we find ourselves. Working diligently and faithfully will distinguish us. When we do the job committed into our hands faithfully, more responsibilities will be added by God.

15. God is the giver of wisdom, and we should always stay connected to him to enjoy his freedom. Joseph’s interpretation of dreams displayed his wisdom and ability to make sound judgments, which God gave him. If wisdom is from man, then the king’s magicians and advisers would have been able to interpret Pharaoh’s dream and proffer solutions.

16. It is important to plan for the future. All seasons of our lives will not bring forth the same way. We have to plan and prepare for the future. His management of Egypt’s resources during the famine demonstrated the importance of careful planning.

17. Our success is attributed to God, and only he can give us success that does not bring sorrow or suffering. Joseph demonstrated this by acknowledging that God is the one who made him successful, and he also showed gratitude to GOD.

18. Our focus should be solely on God. Whenever we face difficulties, we are often tempted to seek man for the solution, but only God has the solution to every difficulty we face. The cupbearer forgot Joseph in prison even though Joseph requested that he should remember him. We must always remember that God is our help, and he will help us at the right time.

19. We shouldn’t make empty promises but rather cultivate a habit of fulfilling our promises. Joseph honoured his promise to his father, Jacob, to be buried in Canaan, which is a lesson in keeping commitments.

20. We should respect the culture of people as long as it doesn’t go against the word of God. Joseph had to shave his beard and dress like an Egyptian before he could come to the presence of Pharaoh. I believe he dressed that way subsequently, which is why his brothers couldn’t recognise him.

Final Thoughts

The story of Joseph is rich in lessons about faith, character, and resilience, making it a source of inspiration for people of all ages and backgrounds. As young individuals draw inspiration from Joseph’s journey, they are empowered to embrace moral values, perseverance, and the unwavering belief in their dreams as they embark on their unique life paths.

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