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20 Romantic Cheap Date Ideas for Couples

Originally posted on April 15, 2022 @ 5:08 pm

Dates may become difficult when we get married and start having children due to time constraints or budget. There are romantic cheap date ideas that work if you are on a budget or want to stay home.

romantic cheap date ideas for couple
Couple on a romantic date in their home. Image Credit: Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Love is a beautiful feeling that wakes up the butterflies in our bellies. When we find that special person, we are willing to do everything to make the relationship work. We want to go on a date, get to know and understand each other. After marriage, this time out keeps the fire burning.

Many people believe dates have to be sophisticated, and you have to spend a lot of money and time to make them unique. Well, I’ve come to tell you that’s not true. There are lots of date ideas that are cheap and romantic. These romantic cheap date ideas are great to help you spend quality time together without breaking the bank. Let’s dive into each idea.

Romantic Cheap Date Ideas for Couples

  • Organise a dinner at home, ordering food

We sometimes overlook the beauty of our homes and how it preserves memories of the love we share. You can order food from your partner’s favourite restaurant. Light up candles and serve dinner; This makes a perfect date night. If you cannot order food, you can cook your partner’s favourite meal. (Don’t forget to dress up for dinner)

romantic cheap date ideas for couples
  • Organise a dinner at home, ordering food

We sometimes overlook the beauty of our homes and how it preserves memories of the love we share. You can order food from your partner’s favourite restaurant. Light up candles and serve dinner; This makes a perfect date night. If you cannot order food, you can cook your partner’s favourite meal. (Don’t forget to dress up for dinner)

  • Go to a native food store.

If you reside in Africa as I do, you can treat your partner to a local food store. Some restaurants serve local meals that are not expensive. This idea works best if you have a partner who loves native food. For my readers outside Africa, I’m sure your partner will love this idea, especially if they haven’t had such food in a while.

  • Buy a movie ticket

Going to the movies is an activity that relaxes the mind. You can plan this to fit your partner’s schedule and your budget.

cheap date ideas for couple
  • Discuss an exciting topic while in each other’s arms

This idea is so perfect! Couples hardly have times to have discussions unrelated to their children or family. We must keep tabs on events around us as couples, and both partners must be on the same page. You can decide the topic for discussion a week or a day before, lay a blanket on the floor in your room, and lay in each other’s arms(you can also feed each other popcorn and wine).

  • Visit a park together.

Arrange an event to go to the park together. It can be a zoo, a botanical garden, a public park or somewhere with a fascinating outlook.

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  • Play games together

Organise games that you both enjoy. Play a game your partner loves (even if you don’t). It can be a field game or an indoor game like ludo, chess, monopoly, scrabble etc.

Couple going through album together
  • Go through Old Albums together.

If you are a lover of pictures and have albums that contain old photos, this is perfect. It helps to relive old memories. You remember how you started your relationship, and it helps to value the relationship you have.

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  • Have a picnic

If you live in an environment with a picnic spot, go for it. Prepare meals that are enjoyable for both of you. Relax and enjoy the weather together.

  • Visit a museum together.

A museum is a way of looking through history, and it widens our knowledge of the past. If your partner loves art, this is perfect.

A couple watching movie together on date night
  • Watch a movie at home together.

The introduction of Netflix and other streaming channels has made it easy to access movies from the comfort of your home. Buy popcorn and drinks to make the time spent more enjoyable. I can say from experience that this idea is perfect if you want to have a romantic and cheap date.

  • Go for a boat ride

Boat rides are fun if you love to explore and try something new. Organise a boat ride with your partner, and you can make this a surprise.

  • Window Shopping

Window shopping may look like a woman thing, but it’s fun. Go window shopping in a mall your partner loves or a store that sells something that intrigues your partner.

A couple setting goals together
  • Discuss goals together

A lot of couples avoid setting goals together. Some couples find it challenging to plan their lives properly because of the differences in each individual’s thoughts and plans. Set attainable goals together with your partner. It helps to get a second opinion. You can make it more fun by speaking in love and showing empathy to your partner.

  • Volunteer at an event together

Many of us do not understand the joy that volunteering brings. You can Volunteer in a church or NGO. It can be for a day, but it still serves its purpose.

  • Swap roles

These may not look like a date idea, but it’s genuinely satisfying. It helps to show your partner that you love and appreciate their effort. I remember one of my birthdays, I was pregnant, and it took a toll on my body. I got back home to meet a spotless house on this particular day. My husband cleaned the house, mobbed the floor and made the house look sparkling. His gesture made me reciprocate this by helping him do a chore he doesn’t like.

Take a walk together as a couple on date night.
  • Go for a walk in the cool of the day.

Walks are suitable for the body, and it is a simple exercise that breeds a healthy body. Go for an evening walk with your partner, holding each other’s arms.

  • Watch games together

Watch your partner’s favourite sport or game with them. Watching football with my husband is usually fun because we discuss and spend time together. You can watch games from the comfort of your home; it will serve the same purpose.

  • Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunting is fun and interesting. It makes your partner have you in their thoughts. Let me give you an idea: buy a gift for your partner and hide it in a secret place. It can be a rose, a shoe or something your partner adore. Drop clues for your partner to find the gift.

Romantic and fun date idea: Cook together
  • Cook something together

It’s fun to cook together with your partner. Prepare a meal together with your partner, especially something for your children.

  • Dance together

Organise a dance at home with your partner. Lit up the room with coloured bulbs or light, turn on the music and have a romantic dance in each other’s arms.

Tips to make the romantic cheap date ideas work

These romantic and cheap date ideas may seem difficult I believe you can make them work by trying these:

  • Plan together with your partner
  • Keep your partner in mind when planning the date
  • You can plan these ideas to fit into times when your children go on holiday.
  • When planning dates at home, try to put your children to sleep earlier than expected.

Marriage indeed needs time and effort for it to work. Date nights and quality time are essential recipes to spice up the union. I hope you try these romantic cheap date ideas in your marriage. I’ll love to hear feedback from you.

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