Important things to buy for a newborn baby

March 19, 2024

Written byAdelekan Bolanle

Originally posted on April 19, 2022 @ 6:10 pm

Children are such a joy to behold. The pregnancy period comes with so many emotions; There are times when there is so much excitement. Sometimes, there is an overwhelming fear of caring for a baby. First-time moms find it more challenging to handle pregnancy blues. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, the period of pregnancy was very challenging for me. I didn’t know what to expect.

There are important things to buy for a newborn when preparing for a baby. These items make caring for the baby easy, and it relieves the stress you’ll face as a new mom. I believe there are things you can do without if you are working on a tight budget. It is important to understand that your budget and finance are important factors to consider when making a newborn baby checklist. It is very unhealthy to give in to societal pressure. After delivery, you need to be mentally fit to take care of your baby and avoid depression.

This checklist contains items you’ll need from clothing, nursery, feeding, diapering, etc. Let’s dive into our list; yippee!

Newborn Clothing essential Checklist

A newborn’s clothing is an important item to buy when preparing for your baby. Clothing should be born with the weather in mind. When shopping for your newborn, consider the season your bundle of joy will arrive. Buy appropriate season clothing. The following items are the most important thing you can buy for your newborn

Things to buy for a newborn: Clothing essentials
Image Credit: Photo by Chloe Amaya from Pexels

  • Receiving Blanket

These are very important items for you and your newborn. In Nigeria, we do not like people having direct contact with our baby’s skin. Receiving blankets is used to wrap babies. It also helps to keep your newborn warm and cosy.

Receiving blankets include shawls and flannels. I remember using a 100% cotton Ankara as receiving blanket for my daughters. They loved the warmth and the cosiness of the fabric.

  • One-piece outfits or 3-in-1 outfits

I love this item, especially those with snaps between the leg which makes it easy to change diapers. Select long/short sleeves depending on the weather. You can choose between those covering your baby entirely or styles that keep their feet exposed.

  • Socks, Caps, Mittens, Sweaters

These are also essential items for a newborn. You will need these when the weather is freezing. Socks are usually worn by an infant irrespective of the weather to keep their feet warm.

  • Special outfits

Special outfits are clothes for special occasions, festivals or social gatherings. You can get two to three outfits like this for your baby if you have a special event you want to attend. I’m sure you love to dress your baby up to look cute just like you.

  • Top and pants

These are one of my favourites. These outfits are perfect during the day, especially when the weather is warm and you want your baby to enjoy the weather. You can also go for comfy stretchy pants, and please choose cotton materials. Choose colours that match each other.

  • Sleepsuits

Sleepsuits make your baby comfortable while sleeping. It is comfortable and free for your cute little one. My daughters feel very comfortable in sleepsuits, and I wear sleepsuit for them during the day whenever the weather is cold. Some of these baby clothing will be packed in your hospital delivery bag.


important things to buy for a newborn baby
Photo by RODNAE Productions

Diaper change is not the fun part of having a baby. Some new moms find it difficult to change diapers in the first few days of having their new-born.

  • Diapers

Buy lots of diapers; again, buy lots of diapers. Diapers are essential for a newborn. It is hygienic and saves much stress. When choosing diapers, go for good quality diapers that are leakproof. Ask other mothers for their opinion before choosing the brand you’ll use. Keep in mind not to buy newborn size alone. Buy different sizes from newborn to size 2 or 3.

  • Baby Wipes

Wipes are lifesavers for new mums. Go for water-based wipes that are friendly on the skin.

  • Diaper Rash Cream

Babies get rashes from using diapers. Diaper rashes are very nasty and can make your baby uncomfortable. Poor hygiene is also a cause of diaper rash. It would be best to try to change your baby’s diaper often.


If you want to have a separate room for your baby, there are important items to make your baby comfortable in their own space. My daughters slept in the same room with me. I found it challenging to keep them in a separate room. It is why we must learn to do what works for us.

Essential Newborn checklist: Nursery checklist
Image Credit: Polina Tankilevitch

  • Crib and Bed/Bassinet

Select a firm mattress for your baby that is comfortable. Go for crips that are adjustable by the side. If you are on a low budget, you can get a bassinet for your baby. It is moveable and perfect for parents who always want to have their baby close to them when they sleep. It is a common baby essential to buy in Nigeria.

  • Beddings

Beddings are vital if you use a crib and bed for your baby. Go for waterproof beddings to prevent leaking of liquid on the bed. You may not need so many beddings; the most important is to keep it clean always.

  • Clothes Storage/ baby wardrobe

Motherhood comes with a lot of stress; You wouldn’t want to be looking for socks or a cap when you’re in a hurry. A baby wardrobe is perfect for keeping your baby’s clothes organised and easily accessible. You can arrange the same type of clothes in the same layers.

  • Comfortable Breastfeeding Chair

Breastfeeding takes time, and it is vital to be comfortable while breastfeeding your little one. I suggest you go for an armchair where you can rest your back comfortably.

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Feeding Essentials

Feeding essentials for a new born baby
Photo Credit: Sarah Chai
  • Nursing Cover

A nursing cover is an important item if you want to breastfeed your baby exclusively. You’ll need a nursing cover when you have to breastfeed your baby outside your home or when you have visitors, and you don’t want to expose your breasts or body. Although, I sometimes wear maternity tops or something free.

  • Burp Cloths/ wash clothes

Burp cloths are essential when you burp your baby. It prevents your clothes from being soiled.

  • Bibs

Bibs are an essential item; I believe they are a must-have. It protects your baby’s cloth from being soiled by formula, milk, saliva or drool.

  • Feeding Bottles

I sometimes how I would have survived without a feeding bottle for my daughters. Feeding bottles are necessary items on a newborn baby’s checklist. It is helpful for formula feeding and breastfeeding your baby. Don’t forget to buy extra nipples for the bottles.

Surprisingly babies can be selective about the type of nipple they prefer. You may want to buy different designs if your little one has preferences.

  • Formula

If you are not planning to breastfeed your baby, formulas are a must-have. There are different types of baby formulas. Kindly do proper research before you make a final choice. If you opt for a cesarean section, you may want to buy formula.

  • Breast pump

Breast pumps are for mothers who want to breastfeed exclusively. If you can afford an electric pump that can extract from both breasts simultaneously, kindly buy it. When I had my daughter, I pumped breastmilk in reserve so that she could be fed when I was asleep.

If you are on a meagre budget, you can get a manual pump or practice expressing breastmilk with your hands. I expressed milk using my hands at some point because it was faster than using the manual pump for me. Try what works for you.

  • Bottle warmer

If you want to store breastmilk, then you need this. It is necessary to heat the baby food before feeding your baby. Although I didn’t use a bottle warmer, I usually heat by placing the bottle in hot water till it’s the perfect temperature for my baby.

  • Bottle sterilisers and bottle Brush

Babies are delicate, and their immune system is not robust. The hygiene of the feeding bottle is crucial to prevent illnesses. Sterilising your baby’s bottle is important to keep it clean.

Hack: I clean the bottles daily with a bottle brush and rinse them in hot water. I usually keep unused bottles in a container in my freezer.

Health and Safety

New-born baby checklist
Photo by Roger Brown
  • First Aid kit

A first aid kit is very important. Contents include a thermometer, antibiotic ointment, petroleum jelly, bandages, and cotton wool.

  • Nail Clipper

Babies usually have long and sharp nails. This tool comes in handy to keep their nails short and clean. It also protects them from injuring themselves with their nails.

  • Baby bath

Baby bath makes it easy to bathe your baby. The brands in Nigeria usually come with a potty, bucket, bowl, cup and soap case. I recommend you buy the complete set. You may not need to rebuy this for other siblings coming.

  • Baby Sponge

Your little one needs to have a bath to keep good hygiene. A baby sponge must be on your newborn checklist. Buy sponges that are soft and full to make bathing easy.

  • Baby Soap

When buying soap for your baby, go for a gentle soap on the skin. Babies have delicate skins, and their bodies must be well-taken care of.

  • Baby Lotion

Choose a baby lotion, or you can use petroleum jelly for your baby. I usually use shea butter for my children. I go for the natural ones made from pure shea butter, and I love the effect.

  • Towels

Choose soft, smooth and cotton towels for your baby. I prefer those that are easy to handle.

Other essentials

You can add other things to your newborn checklist, but they are optional.

  • Car seat (if you have a car, this is important for you)
  • Baby stroller
  • Baby carrier: most African find it easier to put their babies on their back, and it’s very comfy for babies. My daughters can sleep for hours comfortably if  I put them on my back sometimes. If you want to back your baby, please buy good quality fabric like 100% Ankara. It helps to prevent heat, and it is breathable.
  • Baby Swings

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Thinking of how to find a perfect day-care for your little angel, I have great tips for you here.

In conclusion, Your baby needs love more than any other thing. Be willing to add lots of love to your new-born baby checklist. It is important to have lots of love for your newborn baby. This checklist of things to buy for your baby is an excellent guide to help you prepare ahead. I hope this helps you to prepare without hassles. If you think there is an essential item I forgot, kindly write it in the comment section.


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