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Being a mom is a great experience. The pregnancy journey to motherhood brings so much joy and happiness to the family. Fear sets in for many first-time mamas who find it challenging to choose the right daycare for their children. We all love our children, and we want the best for them. Choosing the right daycare can indeed be very challenging; it seems like a walkover with the right guide. I believe daycare is simply where a child receives love and care until their mom is available.

When I gave birth to my first daughter, I was inexperienced. Motherhood was new to me because I didn’t spend much time around children. I’m grateful I had my mom around me. She helped me understand how to go about taking care of my daughter. When she left and I had to resume work, I became confused about which daycare/crèche will be perfect for my daughter. I eventually found an ideal place, and I will share 10 Tips To Choosing the right Daycare for your child.

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10 Tips To Choosing the Right Daycare

  1. Ask for recommendations
  2. Visit in person
  3. Seek opinions of other parents
  4. Financial Capacity
  5. Proximity
  6. Know what you want
  7. Discuss with your partner
  8. What is your schedule
  9.  Cleanliness of the environment
  10. Staff check
10 Tips To Choosing the Right Daycare
How To Choose Daycare: 10 Tips To Choosing the Right Daycare

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The listed factors are essential to consider before putting your child in child care. I’ll elaborate on what I meant by each point below:

Ask For Recommendation

Before scouting for daycare centres for your child, ask friends and neighbours in your environment for recommendations. Often, they tend to know about many events happening in our surroundings. Seek their honest opinion and be open-minded about it. Try as much as possible to get recommendations from people who have first-hand experiences with that daycare.

Visit In Person

After you have gotten recommendations, it is advisable to visit the suggested crèche. We have different preferences, and you shouldn’t put your child in daycare without knowing the place. Go to the daycare centre unannounced to see how children are managed. This will help you familiarise yourself with the environment, and you will be able to ask questions from the caregivers to satisfy your curiosity.

Seek Opinions Of Other Parents

When you visited the crèche(s) in your list, you would have formed an opinion about each of them. Make an effort to seek the views of parents who use them. People tend to give sound recommendations about services they enjoy. If the creche isn’t good enough, you discover it from conversations with some parents.

Financial Capacity

Parenthood involves making the best decision for our children in our maximum capacity. Decisions must be made bearing your financial capacity in mind. This will reduce your mental and emotional stress to focus on other things that require your attention. Patiently sit down and consider the financial implication of the daycare you choose for your child. Weigh your options carefully.


Many people make decisions about crèche without thinking about the closeness to either work or home. Is there anyone around to stand in for the parents in case of emergency? When I was considering the creche to put my daughter. I went for a place closer to home and my husband because my workplace was far, the road was terrible, and I had to jump bikes to meet up with resumption time. This was unhealthy for the child and posed a risk to my child.

           She was in a place close to our home (8 minutes walk) and close to her dad (8-10 minutes walk). We arranged with the caregivers to call my husband first in an emergency. 

Know What You Want

It is essential to know what you want for your child. You should have a mental picture of how you want your child to be cared for. This will help you ask the right questions when you visit the crèche for inspection.

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Discuss With Your Partner

Children are a product of two partners, and it is only fitting that both partners are involved in decision making about the child. If you have a supportive partner, discuss your options and choices. You can also visit the crèches together. If you don’t have a partner, you can discuss it with close friends or relatives. It is good to listen to other peoples opinions sometimes because it can open your mind to things you never observed.

What Is Your Schedule ?

Your schedule impacts how you choose the suitable crèche for your child. If you work for long hours or you do a night shift, it is wise to opt for a crèche where they operate at these hours. 

Cleanliness Of The Environment

A good daycare must be clean and well kept always. The environment must be clean and fit for children. All items used must be clean and well taken care of. Be observant when you visit; check the surroundings thoroughly.

Staff Check

The caregivers at the daycare relate directly relate with your child. They are the ones who will feed them, clean them up, and form bonds with the children. Be sure they have good attitudes and hygiene. Watch out for how they dress and how they relate with the children.

I can assure you that children tend to mix and socialise. They will be healthy if they are cared for ideally by caregivers. These tips for choosing the right creche for your child will come in handy anytime. 

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