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Side Hustle Digital Skills Training

side hustle

September 11, 2021

The first day I saw the side hustle advert on my Facebook account, I was delighted. I had learned web development using WordPress before now but I wasn’t a trained content writer even though I loved writing. I registered for the side hustle internship with high expectations. I had prior knowledge that digital skill is necessary for this generation and this made me eager to learn.
When the training started, I was very ill. I couldn’t participate fully for two weeks which affected my score but when I visited the telegram group, I was impressed. I learned a lot and I can say I’m a better writer and blogger. I’m really happy I took this course. it was indeed a life-changing experience. one of the lessons I learnt in the course of the training is the fact that I can achieve anything I set out to achieve.
I want to appreciate every member of the side hustle team and mentors for pouring so much into us. The internship was worth every time and energy invested in it. ill recommend this to anyone who wants to gain a digital skill. do you know the icing on the cake? IT’S FREE.

Available Courses

  • Frontend development ( HTML + CSS + JS + TAILWIND)
  • Frontend development (react JS)
  • backend development (PHP)
  • Backend development ( Laravel)
  • Phyton
  • Mobile apps development
  • Database administration
  • WordPress web development
  • Data analytics on excel
  • Digital marketing
  • Content creation
  • Customer relationship management
  • Marketing
  • Product design ( UI/UX)
  • Graphics design
  • Branding
  • Microsoft office suite
  • Public speaking
  • Video Animation (white board)
  • Video Animation (2D)
  • Product Management

Thank you side hustle team
Thank you Temiloluwa Abiola
Thank you Racheal Mojolaoluwa

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