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A few years ago I started working in the teenage ministry of my church and I discovered that pornography and sexual addictions are not limited to adults only. These addictions are gradually creeping into the future generation; catching them young and preventing a lot of young people from blooming into the beautiful flower God wants them to be. Steps to overcoming pornography addiction, its dangers and effects should be emphasized in the church.

Before joining the teenage church, I understood the dangers of pornography and sexual addictions. I had worked with people who have this challenge and I have also fought this demon. The tips I’ll be sharing in this post are things that I believe will work because I’ve seen them work ( just be resilient). I have added a true life testimony of a friend at the end of this post.

overcome pornography
Steps to Overcoming Pornography: A Christian Approach 3

What is Pornography?

Pornography is anything that contains sexual images or graphics intended to arouse erotic feelings in another person. Pornographic content can be in writings, videos, images or graphics. I believe pornography can be in form of music with explicit sexual content. The main aim of pornography is to evoke a strong sensual feeling; it is the foundation of all sexual sins.

Masturbation on the other hand involves stimulating the genitals to evoke a sensual feeling and the end game is to reach orgasm (derive satisfaction).

Many people who are addicted to pornography or masturbation confessed they find it difficult to enjoy having normal sex. They only enjoy sex when they indulge in regular sexual acts. 

Pornography in the Bible

Many people state that pornography is not mentioned in the bible as a sin therefore it is not a sin. Indeed, the word “pornography” is not mentioned explicitly in the bible but there are instances relating to pornography mentioned in the bible. 

In the biblical era, there were no graphic images on social media or print therefore porn was more of what people see in there day to day activities. 

The art of seduction was well employed at those times to attract kings and also the Israelites in a bid to make them sin. 

Examples of these instances include

  • Worshippers of Ashtoreth were into both male and female prostitution. The images in the temple were known to provoke erotic feelings and sexual lust.
  • David committed adultery because he saw Bathsheba bathing in her bathroom. Bathsheba never had the intention to seduce David but David couldn’t get her nude image out of his mind. He eventually succumbed to his sinful desires and committed adultery.

Each of the instances mentioned above was not tolerated by God. God doesn’t want us to fill our hearts with negative and sexual thoughts. David was punished for his sin and the temple of Ashtoreth was torn down by Josiah.

 He also tore down the living quarters of the male and female shrine prostitutes that were inside the Temple of the Lord, where the women wove coverings for the Asherah pole.

2 Kings 23:7 NLT

Signs of Pornographic Addiction

Porn isn’t seen by many as a danger until they become addicted and can’t seem to get enough of it. Some of these signs show that an individual is addicted to pornography.

  • Withdrawal from people: most porn addicts withdraw from people around them. they are only comfortable when they are watching porn content. The need to withdraw from people and be alone increases as the addiction increases.
  • Crave for more content: generally, people who are addicted to anything tend to ask for more. It is also true for porn addiction, there is an increased desire for more explicit content and the thirst for more seems to never stop.
  • Spends increasing hours browsing for more explicit content and images.
  • Inability to enjoy sex without viewing pornography.
  • Feeling of guilt and shame: believers who involve themselves in this act usually feel guilt and shame. You need help when you feel remorse and shame but you can’t seem to stop the act.

Effects of Pornography Addiction

Pornography has a lot of effects which are troubling and can affect a person’s mental ability and concentration. Some of the effects of pornography include;

  • Change in sexual interest and expectation
  • Boredom and loss of sexual satisfaction
  • Addiction to pornographic images and contents
  • Isolation, depression and loneliness
  • Addiction to pornography can cause sexual aggression 
  • It changes the way the brain functions.

Tips to Overcoming Pornography Addiction

People who conceal their sins will not prosper,
    but if they confess and turn from them, they will receive mercy.

Proverbs 28:13 NLT

  • Accept salvation genuinely. Allow the love of Christ to fill your heart and immerse yourself in the comfort of salvation.
  • Make up your mind to overcome the addiction no matter what it’ll cost and how long it takes.
  • Believe God can heal you and have faith that he will heal you of every addiction to porn.
  • Seek counsel and guidance from a Christian counsellor or Doctor. Sin thrives in secrecy, open up to someone trustworthy and be willing to be accountable to them.
  • Journalling can be an effective way to overcome porn addiction. Note how your day went and try to write things that may have triggered you to think about porn again.
  • Listen to godly and edifying content regularly. Always have godly content at your disposal. Fill your heart and mind with Christian content that is edifying and empowering especially godly music.
  • Install adult content blockers on your phone or browser. This step will help you to search safely on the internet.
  • Daily quiet time and meditation on the word of God.
  • Practice healthy mental habits.

How I overcame pornography; A true life story

The story below is a private confession from a Christian friend I know. I have shared this story after asking for permission. Her identity is kept hidden for privacy reasons.

I started watching pornography when I was around 15 years and because of my constant pornography consumption. I started masturbating because I needed to relieve the sexual pressure anytime I watch porn. This continued for years until I got married. I had always thought I would automatically stop porn and masturbation once I’m married but this turned out to be false. I continued watching porn and masturbating. I found it difficult to enjoy sex with my partner and it was mentally draining and emotionally challenging. 

One day I decided to take a step to overcome this addiction and break free. I told my partner about it and together we worked towards overcoming this addiction. Today, I am free from pornography and masturbation. It has become a won battle.

Tips to overcoming pornography and masturbation
The prison and bondage of pornography can be overcome. You are not alone. Image Credit: Donald Tong

I believe the testimony above can be yours too. Overcoming pornography addiction is a journey not a sprint. Take a leap of faith today.

I believe you can

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