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Turmoil Part 1

Turmoil: A story about Low Self Esteem

August 31, 2021

Grace’s journey from low self esteem to self love

Why are my breasts so small? I’m not tall, and I’m too dark-skinned. Anytime I see people staring at me like something is wrong with me. God, why did you create me like this? It would be best if you had made me tall, dark, slim, and figure 8. I’m not happy with you at all. These were the thoughts on Graces’ mind as she glared into the mirror. Grace was lost in thought that she didn’t even notice she was running late.

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great weekend “said Grace. She greeted everyone around her and went into her office.

(Grace was lost in thoughts when Folusho entered her office).

Folusho: Grace! Grace!! Grace!!!

Grace: (startled) oh! Folusho, it’s you. I’m very sorry. I was lost in thoughts

Folusho: ha; ha. What is it? What was on your mind? I hope it’s not the usual thoughts?

Grace: which usual thought?

Folusho: I’m your best friend now. I know you well. Is it about your “body features”? Madam, you better relax, appreciate yourself, and love yourself. No one will love you more than yourself.

Grace: Folusho, you cannot understand. You are in a relationship now. You are tall, slim, and beautiful. You are everyman’s dream girl.

Folusho: everyman’s dream ke, forget that thing. Grace, you will find your own man with time. Just love yourself, or else men will treat you like crap. Please dear, you deserve to be loved. Low self esteem kills dreams.

Grace: I’ve heard you if you say so. Do you know how many men I’ve dated? They keep disappointing me. They only use me and dump me. There was this yeye guy that I was paying his rent, buying his food. I did a lot for him only to see him with another girl. He came back to beg me, and I accepted because I felt so lucky to have him as my boyfriend. He was very handsome. To cut a long story short, I caught him with other girls four times after the first one. That’s when I got tired of relationships.

Folusho: Is that why you decided to reject Ayo’s offer?

Grace: yes, Ayo is too handsome. Please don’t talk about him

Folusho: Grace, please give love a chance in your life.

Grace: madam, please leave me alone. Go back to your office

Folusho: you are sending me out niyen o. ok, I’ll see you later
(Folusho leaves Grace’s office)

It was a beautiful Saturday evening. Grace and Folusho decided to visit the shopping mall to stock up groceries.

Grace: Today is a good day. I’m so in love with weekends. Folusho, please pass me the basket.
(Folusho passed the basket)
Grace: I don’t know why everything is now expensive.

(Grace was angry when she saw Ayo coming towards them). Folusho, that Ayo boy is coming towards us.
Ayo: hi ladies
Folusho: hi Ayo. How are you? You look cute today
Ayo: thanks dear, I’m doing great. Grace, won’t you greet me
Grace: hi
Ayo: I’m so happy to see you girls (Gracesmirked). Can I take you guys out on dinner?
Grace: no, please
Folusho: yes, please don’t mind her. She’s just joking
Ayo: ok then, shall we go

(They all left together for dinner)

Sunday morning
(Grace’s phone rings)

Grace: hello, good afternoon

Ayo: good afternoon Grace, it’s Ayo speaking

Grace: hi Ayo

Ayo: Grace, why are you angry with me? Is it because of my proposal? Am I not good enough for you? Grace, please consider my request.

Grace: I’m not angry with you. I didn’t accept your proposal because I feel you’re too good for me

Ayo: too good? Grace, are you sure you’re not the one that’s too good? I genuinely love you. Please do consider my request.

Grace: all right, give me a week. I’ll tell you my decision

Ayo: (with smiles on his face) ok then. I’ll see you in a week
(They both ended the call)

Will Grace accept his proposal? Find out in the next episode


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