Hinderances to Hearing God

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Many people ask the question ” why can’t I hear God’s voice?” God is Spirit, we cannot see him or relate with him physically. Our relationship with God is spiritual and we need to be spiritually inclined to hear from him regularly. There are lots of benefits attached to hearing and obeying the voice of God. In my previous article we explored the ways God speaks and examples from the bible (you can find it here). In this articles we’ll explore; benefits of hearing God, dangers of not hearing God’s voice and hinderances to hearing God’s voice.

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Learning to hear God saves us from heartaches, pains and trauma.

Benefits of hearing God‘s Voice

Every believer who hears God’s voice is blessed; there are many benefits of hearing God’s voice. A few of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • Peace of mind beyond the understanding of men. When we hear God concerning situations, we experience his peace that passes understanding.
  • There is clear direction and wisdom. Hearing God’s voice brings direction and wisdom. God doesn’t want us to waste time going in the wrong direction. When we commit ourselves to him, he leads us in the right direction.
  • It facilitates a deeper relationship with God. The more we hear God, the deeper our relationship with him.
  • It transforms us into his image. Hearing God transforms us into God’s image. We become like him, think like him and live like him.
  • Confidence to face life challenges. Whenever I hear a word from God about circumstances and life challenges, I’m able to confidently face those challenges. Hearing God in difficulties gives me hope and calms my mind.
  • Helps to know the status of our salvation. Whenever I’m unable to hear God, I usually become afraid and I search for myself. Hearing God regularly helps to keep a calm mind about the status of our salvation. It helps to know that God is still interested in speaking to you.

Disadvantages of not Hearing God

There are so many dangers associated with not being able to hear God and few of them are highlighted below;

  • Depression and constant sadness are inevitable. When we do not hear God concerning situations and life challenges, depression sets in because there I no peace and assurance.
  • Prey to false prophets and doctrine. Christians who do not hear God’s voice regularly become preys to false prophets and doctrines. They run from pillar to post looking for someone to consult God on their behalf.

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Obstacles to hearing God’s Voice

God wants every Christian to understand him and hear him when he speaks. Unfortunately, we are not always spiritually inclined to hear him when he speaks. There are things that serve as hinderances to hearing God’s voice promptly and clearly. Some of these include:

  • False expectation

False expectation is when we have a thought out plan and we expect that God will say exactly what we have planned. Many times we only ask God for his leading to satisfy our conscience; some of us have made plans and we expect God to fall in line with our plans. God doesn’t work that way.

He wants to be the one who decides what we do and how we do them. Having false or unrealistic expectation is a barrier to hearing God.

  • Unbelief

Unbelief is one of the reasons Jesus openly rebuked the disciples. When we do not believe the words that God speaks to us, we are in danger. The more we believe God’s words, the more he speaks and the more we recognise his voice.

  • Unforgiveness

Unforgiveness is a sin and Jesus admonishes us to forgive the trespasses of those who hurt us. Unforgiveness is a barrier to hearing God’s voice. I have noticed that whenever I hold a grudge against anyone, I find it difficult to pray or read the bible. This usually affects my ability to seek God and hear his voice. If you have difficulty hearing God, unforgiveness may be the obstacle.

  • Disobedience

Disobedience is as the sin of witchcraft; God abhors disobedience. When God speaks to you and you constantly disobey, it hinders his voice. Continuous disobedience grieves the Holy Spirit and he may eventually depart from you.

  • Pride

God exalts the humble and despise the proud. Pride has no benefit, it only become a barrier that hinders a smooth relationship with God.

  • Impatience

Patience is a virtue and the ability to wait on God for his leading and instructions is necessary. The story of David when Ziklag was attacked and his family was captured reminds me of the benefit of patience in seeking God. David was distressed and his men were very troubled but David sought the face of God. He immediately pursued and recovered all.

Life challenges and situations may trick us into making decisions in a hurry but patience is necessary.

  • Religiosity

People sometimes hide under religiosity when making decisions rather than allowing God lead them. God has thoughts that are outside our thoughts.

We must humble ourselves like a child to truly hear God’s voice regularly.

In conclusion, always weigh what you hear with the scriptures; sometimes the devil speaks trying to confuse us. We must always remember that “where God guides he provides”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do when I can’t hear God

Check yourself and evaluate some of your actions. We sometimes are the one hindering the move and voice of God.

What should I do when God isn’t speaking?

If you are sure God isn’t speaking then be patient, keep seeking God and listen calmly. Sometimes silence is God’s way of communicating with us.


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