What Is The Gift Of Working Of Miracles?

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The gift of working of miracles

April 19, 2023

A miracle is an extraordinary event that no one can perform on his own or explain to the human mind. The gift of working miracles is a spiritual gift given by the Holy Spirit for a person to do great and mighty things that can only happen by the power of God.

 and to another the working of [a]miracles, and to another prophecy [foretelling the future, speaking a new message from God to the people], and to another discernment of spirits [the ability to distinguish sound, godly doctrine from the deceptive doctrine of man-made religions and cults], to another various kinds of [unknown] tongues, and to another interpretation of tongues.

1 Corinthians 12:10 Amp

The Greek word for the working of miracles is “energemata dunameon”, which is translated as “energy” and “power”. According to Pastor Keith Hassell, “energemata dunameon” is “energizing of power or ability”.

God performed the first miracle in the Bible by creating the world from nothing except his word. His word brought forth the blessing and comfort we have today. Accordingly, Jesus is credited with being a miracle worker because he performed many miracles in his lifetime, and the Bible records that miracles and healing followed Jesus everywhere he went. He went about doing good and healing the sick.

This article will explore the purpose and benefits of working miracles, we will also go through examples of miracles performed in the Bible. Be blessed as you read along.

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Purpose of the Gift of working of Miracles

The gift of working of miracles is a gift given to an individual to serve a purpose in the body of Christ. The purpose of this gift can also be said to be the benefits of the gift to the church.

  • It is a sign to unbelievers. Miracles are signs that show God as the sovereign one. It proves to unbelievers that he alone is the greatest of all; I have heard many testimonies where people are saved because of the miracles they received.

It is important to note that miracles are not performed to coax people into believing in God. Still, it encourages those already believing and brings them to a place of total surrender.

  • God meet our needs through miracles. Many times when I’m in desperate need, I have experienced God’s miracles.
  • Working of miracles brings deliverance and freedom.
  • Bring glory to God
  • Edification or building up of the church. 1 Corinthians 14:12

Examples of working of miracles in the Bible

There are several examples of miracles in the Bible, and we’ll explore a few of the miracles that happened in the Bible.

Raising of the dead

The ability to raise the dead is beyond man; it is an unlikely event and it requires supernatural intervention for this kind of miracle to happen. However, many dead were raised to life in the bible.

Jesus raised Lazarus to life after four days
The miracle of raising Lazarus from the dead. Image Credit: Free Bible Image

  • Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead (John 11:38-44). The Bible recorded that Jesus raised Lazarus, who was dead for four days from the dead. Jesus did not even have to lay his hands on Lazarus; he only spoke the word.
  • Elisha’s bones raised the dead (2kings 13:20-21). A dead man’s body was thrown into Elisha’s tomb by mistake, and he came to life after he touched Elisha’s bones!
  • Other examples include; Peter raised Dorcas from the dead (Acts 9:36-42)

Parting of the sea/river

The miracle of parting a body of water and walking through was performed by;

  • Elijah: Elijah parted the Jordan River with his cloak so that he and Elisha could walk through the river.(2kings 2:8)
  • Moses parted the red sea ( Exodus 14:13-30) by stretching his hands over the sea so the Israelites could walk through.

Standing still of the sun and moon

12 Then Joshua spoke to the Lord on the day when the Lord handed over the Amorites to the sons of Israel, and Joshua said in the sight of Israel,

“Sun, stand still at Gibeon,
And moon, in the Valley of Aijalon.”

Joshua 10:12 Amp

In the battle of the Israelites against the fie kings, Joshua commanded that the moon and the sun stand still. As Joshua commanded, the sun and moon stood still, and the Israelites won the war. (Joshua 10)

The Miracle of Provision

the miracle of turning water into wine
The wedding at Cana of Galilee. Image Credit: freebibleimage

God promised to provide for our needs. Whenever we are in doubt, the Bible contains many examples that show God can provide for our needs.

Some examples include:

  • Jesus feeds 5000 with five loaves of bread and two fishes (Matthew 14:13-21)

Jesus was preaching to a crowd; after he finished preaching, he felt he shouldn’t send the people away without feeding them. The disciples brought a boy who had five loaves of bread and two fish to Jesus, he blessed the food, and it fed five thousand people.

  • The widow’s jar of oil and flour (1kings 17:8-24)

A certain widow cooked her provided food for Elijah using her last jar of oil and flour during the famine in Samaria. Elijah prophesied to her that her jar of oil would not run dry, nor would her flour container be empty. Elisha’s word came to pass, and the widow never lacked during the famine.

  • Jesus turns water into wine (John 2:1-11)

Jesus’s first miracle happened at the wedding in Cana of Galilee, where Jesus turned water to wine saving a couple from disgrace.

Frequently asked questions

Are all miracles from God?

Miracles show the power of God, but not all miracles are from God. A typical example is the miracle performed by Pharaoh’s magician when Moses requested the freedom of the Israelites. Pharaoh’s magicians copied some of Moses’ miracles.

Does God still perform miracles?

Yes, God performs miracles even to this day. I have seen and experienced many of God’s miracles.

What is the difference between the gift of healing and the working of miracles?

The gifts of healing includes curing and making whole of a living body, while working of miracles generally involves extraordinary events.

Final Thoughts

The gift of working of miracles is a powerful gift that has physical evidence. It is vital to note that the performer of the miracles is the Holy Spirit, and he also decides who receives the miracles. If you desire this gift, you can ask the Holy Spirit for it; he will grant you your heart’s desire if your request is from a pure heart.


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