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How to Overcome Sexual Addiction as a Christian

Tips to overcome sexual addiction 1. Admit you need help 2. Reach out for help …. Signs and symptoms of sexual addiction include: 1. uncontrollable urge ….. Learn more

Best Ways to Build Self-esteem

Ways to build self-esteem 1. Heal from past hurt 2. Go on a journey of self discovery …..
Bible verses to build self esteem, Causes of low self esteem

Breaking Free From Body Shaming

Body shaming is an act of mocking or ridiculing an individual because of their body type, body feature or shape. Breaking free from body shaming is essential; it boosts self-confidence and self-image.

Day 10: The Journey to Self-discovery

Welcome to day 10! Thank you for coming this far. I’m sure you’ve learnt something. Today may be the last day of the challenge but I believe the journey doesn’t end today. The journey to self-discovery is not a sprint. It takes time and patience.

Retracing steps

Retracing steps

Winners learn from their mistakes, retracing steps and making a deliberate effort and adjustment to their errors.A Yoruba adage says “when a child falls he looks forward but when an adult falls he looks behind”

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